Getting Organized in 2015

We all know that one of the top resolutions for the New Year is to get more organized. Calendars, designated spaces for things to go in your home and the quest to declutter are top priorities for a lot of people. So, how can our silverware pouches be adapted to help you around the house? What are our tips for helping you get organized in 2015?

1. Set a designated time each week to decluttering.

Pick one room at a time in your home and set that timer for 15 minutes and review what you have. Throw things away if they are damaged. Make a pile for Goodwill for items that you can pass along to a new home. Have a paper bag or box by your back door that is specifically for charity donation dropoff items. This is a quick way to get them out the door. Once that bag or box is full, pop it into the car and drop the items off when you are running errands. 15 minutes at a time can make a big dent if you focus and get the tasks done.

2. One thing in. One thing out.

We have heard folks talk about this strategy before. It's a simple way to keep clutter at bay. If you are bringing a new item into your home (especially that clothing closet), only do so when you have made room for it.

3. A place for everything and everything in its place.

One of the things that can easily disorganize someone is not having a set place for important items. Have a cute dish out on your hall table for keys, wallets and phones. Have a pad and pen available, even tucked into one of our pouches, by the phone for when important calls come in. Ideas like these help to build a routine that can help with organization. 

4. Have a family meal and meeting.

A simple way to organize your family for the week ahead is to have a sit down Sunday night dinner. There are some great meal options from our recent Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas posts. By sitting down to dinner and putting the distractions away, you can review who is doing what and going where. It will help you to feel more confident and help to prioritize your "to do" list.

5. Be open to using what you have in multiple ways. 

We love items that can be used in different ways. Our silverware pouches are no exception. Not only can they dress up your table, but they can come in handy in your home office. Are you forever searching for gift cards that you received? Pop them into one of our chalkboard pouches and label it gift cards. Our message maker pouches can be the spot you tuck receipts before you file or scan them into your computer. Any of the pouches makes a great spot to tuck in markers or pens that you keep on your nightstand for those great midnight ideas or by the phone for messages. Pop some crayons in for the kids for the ride in the car and you have another way to use our pouches. 

How would you use our pouches in your home to help with organization?


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