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    Petra Rowland and Alison Pelose | founders and creators of Cutlery Couture

    The silverware pouch concept began in 2008 while I was traveling abroad.  Enamored with the European dining experience, I thought it would be fun to infuse American tables with the same flair.  My a-ha moment came when I realized that silverware could move beyond the utilitarian and into the realm of home fashion.  By August 2012, Cutlery Couture was on its way.

    As Cutlery Couture gained momentum, I teamed up with my close friend, Alison.  We met at the University of Vermont, embarked on successful careers, and are blessed with beautiful families.  As our boys grew older, we knew the timing was right to pour ourselves into an exciting, new venture.

    Cutlery Couture was founded on the belief that the most meaningful times are those spent with family and friends.  We design our pouches with this in mind, fashioning them to enhance every gathering with a warm and personal touch.  We are devoted to making entertaining fun and fresh, and are grateful that so many are welcoming Cutlery Couture into their homes.

    We love decorating, design, cooking, entertaining, and sharing ideas.  We are obsessed with silverware pouches, and love watching the reactions of customers as they embrace our unique way of "dressing the silverware".  For us, Cutlery Couture is the ultimate combination of utility and design, and we hope it quickly becomes a staple in the world of entertaining. 

    May your silverware never be naked again!