In remembrance of 9-11

In remembrance of 9-11

Twenty years ago, we watched in horror and disbelief as our nation was attacked by terrorists. We stood shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Americans in grief and in grace; grateful for the heroes that were created that day, and for the hope that comes from despair. Today we remember the fallen and we are reminded that, twenty years later, we still need heroes; men and women who through their service, courage and commitment, inspire all of us to care for and about each other.  United we stand.

We salute the men and women in uniform, our military and our first responders, for always rising to the occasion and giving selflessly, no matter what the challenge, the crisis or the personal cost. Thank you.

Today, we also honor the heroes who give everything when its needed, like Ron Fazio who, twenty years ago, was in his office when he saw the first plane hit the North tower, and made it his mission to get his colleagues in the South tower out of the building before the second plane hit. He literally held the door open. He gave his life that day to save others.  To honor his sacrifice and celebrate his selflessness, his family founded Hold the Door for Others. Visit and read about their mission to help others during the hardest of times. We are proud to support their important work and are inspired by their message.

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