On the way to Cape May

On the way to Cape May

It's summertime folks and for millions of people on the Eastern seaboard, that can only mean one thing—it’s time to go ‘down the shore.’ Load up the car, call the cousins and drive east—paradise awaits. We aren’t sure why New Jersey’s 127 miles of coastline has always been known as ‘down the shore’ but we do know that those three words are packed full of memories and meaning, a little sand in our shoes for the rest of the year, for generations of families from the Garden State and beyond. 

For us at Cutlery Couture, ‘down the shore’ means Exit 7S on the Atlantic City Expressway to Exit 30 on the Garden State Parkway, cross the bridge and hang a louie, we are almost there! Somewhere on the bridge, we lower the car windows, dance our fingers across the breeze and inhale the salty sea air. That first deep exhale and we are transported.

We sleep better down the shore, awakened by the cacophony of laughing gulls and the promise of surfable waves. Food tastes better down the shore, too. Our favorite pizza on the boardwalk followed by caramel popcorn and salt water taffy, steamed clams and cold beers with friends on the front porch. Not just ice cream, but the best ice cream—just as it was in our own childhoods. And it is perfectly reasonable to get some every night. Calories don’t count down the shore!

We hope that all of you have your ‘down the shore’ moments this summer, whenever and wherever that may be. Maybe it is the first breath of crisp mountain air, or the smell of pine or cedar or musky marsh that leads to the first deep exhale and the chance to relax, recharge and reconnect with family, friends and favorite things to do. Whether you spend time on a lake, by the sea or floating in a pool, whether you are serenaded by seagulls or loons (and by loons, we mean birds, not the renters next door), paddle, surf, sail or hike, dance in the moonlight or sleep under the stars,  we hope your summer is ‘down the shore’ perfect!

Jul 16, 2021

I so relate to every word as I raised my family “down the shore” in New Jersey, too. Your descriptions took me there … remembering all the wonders of our favorite shore town experienced by all five of our senses. Amazing! Relaxing! Inspiring! It makes me want to spread a blanket beneath our brilliant umbrella, open a picnic basket and hand out our favorite snacks and terms of endearment written on our customizable Cutlery Couture pouches to my very special friends and family! Thank you for imagining such a unique product. I remember when I met you at Atlanta Market a couple years ago and you told your story to me. Since then, I have kept the one free sample you gave me and now, finally, I have a beautiful store where I can sell your product. In fact, today was my opening day and, happily, I was able to tell your story and inspire a customer to embrace your concept. She left smiling with her new purchase and a good time was had by all…thanks to you!


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