Summertime Inspires Our National Pride

Summertime Inspires Our National Pride

What makes America great? While our nation has changed and transformed, always striving to be better, the secret has remained the same as summed up by Alexis DeToqueville almost two hundred years ago. “America is great, because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.”

There is something about summertime that inspires national pride—we start the season remembering our wartime heroes, honor Old Glory on Flag Day, commemorate freedom for all on Juneteenth, celebrate independence with fireworks and barbeques on July 4th, and end the summer saluting the men and women who worked to literally build our country on Labor Day. From May to September and from sea to shining sea—and everywhere in between, the chance to grill a burger or tail gate at a ball game, brings folks together. Now more than ever, when so many things seem to divide us, it is good to remember what joins us together. And the more we come together, in big ways and even small ways, the better things can and will be. Goodness is greatness.

We started dressing silverware, with the simple idea of bringing people together, gathering around a table, sharing a meal and toasting and encouraging others. We have found in our customers and community of small business owners , like-minded people who value community and create opportunities to celebrate one another. Over the years our line has grown to include quite a collection of red-white-and blue themes, perfect for your Fourth of July fun or any summer celebration where the grill is fired up, and the beer is iced down.  Red lobsters and blue anchors take us seaside, bears and bucks remind us of the great outdoors, patriotic flags and red and blue stripes show our true colors, and this year, peace signs and smiling faces say “We’re glad you’re here!” You plan the menu and the guest list, we are happy to be at your table!


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