Outdoor Entertaining - Quick Tips

Outdoor Entertaining - Quick Tips

Summer is a time of barbecues, beach trips, and backyard bashes and quite frankly synonymous with outdoor entertaining which means you can double the number of guests without doubling the size of your house.

Here are a few things to remember so that it doesn’t all go downhill faster than a slip ‘n’ slide:

First, make sure you have plenty of seating options. Have some chairs and blankets available for folks who want to sprawl out in the grass or on the patio while chatting with friends and mingling.

Second, dress for success! Unless you’re hosting an outdoor masquerade ball, it’s probably best to keep clothing choices light and casual. Also, don’t forget the bug spray or citronella candles if there is a chance that mosquitoes will be joining you.

Third, be sure to provide plenty of shade if it’s going to be a hot summer day. If your outdoor space doesn’t come with any natural tree cover, don’t forget the umbrellas!

Fourth, always have snacks and drinks on hand. Everyone loves munching on something while they chat and sip on their lemonade or beer (or both!)

And finally, to cutify (yes, that is a word in our book) your decor, you gotta include silverware pouches as their unique design is as important as the utility of keeping your cutlery and napkin together....not blowing away or all sticky /dirty with hands that have been playing all those lawn games.

Talk about the perfect recipe for a successful outdoor gathering!

Now that you're a bit more prepared, go forth and entertain like never before - just remember these tips! You've got this!

Happy entertaining! :)

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