Tailgate like a Boss!

Tailgate like a Boss!


Cutlery Couture Tailgating  

Red and gold leaves add a crunch to the sidewalk, evening strolls require a sweater and sports fans everywhere have starting to gather around the grill, wearing their team colors and singing their team songs! Fall is here and so is tailgate season people, and we couldn’t be happier!

Tailgating means different things to different people—at Cutlery Couture we are down for anything…our big city football team (Philly! Philly! Just sayin’), College Lax, High School Field Hockey, Middle School Cross Country- whatever the sport, whoever the athlete, wherever the venue—we say yes to the invitation, bring a side dish to share and have your tabletop covered. We like to think that Cutlery Couture adds a touch of class to the tail gate, a little more fromage, a little less cheese.

We never get tired of the compliments our pouches get at a picnic—our bows come in team colors, our chalkboard and message makers allow you to customize—celebrate your athlete, your mascot, your fight song.  Cue the marching band, pour us an adult beverage and set up the soccer mom chairs because we come to party, adding fun, not fuss to the celebration!

One of nice things about our pouches is they are made of eco-friendly, sustainable jute, and can be used over and over again, for four years of College and for season after season of cheering your team on! We have found some terrific vendors for biodegradable and compostable products and really make the effort to reduce the amount of waste. We believe the only thing that should linger after the tailgate is the sweet smell of victory!

Check out the following websites for easy-to-order plates, flatware, cutlery and napkins….

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