This February,  We Spread the Love!

This February, We Spread the Love!

Ten years ago, Petra and Alison decided that the friendship they had built over decades was the perfect foundation for a business. From the very beginning, Cutlery Couture was a business built on friendship, on joy and on love (and a healthy dose of laughter and maybe a few margaritas.). Ten years has gone by very quickly and Cutlery Couture has grown! Hundreds of boutiques and thousands of homes, and home entertainers, have added the polish of silverware pouches to their every day and special occasion table settings allowing us to be present and celebrate so many special times… we certainly feel the love and we are very grateful to all of our customers! We love you!

To celebrate our milestone anniversary, we are forgoing the traditional ten-year gift of ‘aluminum’ and instead we are planning “10 Months of Giving Back” starting this month and ending with a very thankful Thanksgiving in November. Each month we will make a donation to a local or national nonprofit organization that is doing good and necessary work in the world! Some will be small in the communities they serve and others will be large, but all will make a difference. We have some ideas but welcome suggestions from our Cutlery Couture community and customers. Please help us spread the love.

It is an idea as old as time. The Ancient Greeks call charitable ‘love” AGAPE; the highest form of love, loving others as God loves us. To kick off our Ten Months, we made a donation to Interfaith Caregivers, a volunteer organization in Alison’s hometown, Haddonfield, NJ, that serves elderly and disabled residents. By providing needed rides to doctor’s appointments, grocery stores and more, Interfaith Caregivers lessens loneliness and isolation for many folks. Friendship and Companionship bloom where kindness is planted!

We are blessed and grateful for the journey we have taken the last ten years, the friends we have made along the way, and we are more excited than ever before for what is ahead in the next ten years. Not for nothing, but do you know what the 20th Anniversary traditional gift is? Place settings of fine China… We are feeling the love!


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