truly thankful

truly thankful

Thanksgiving is absolutely one of our favorite days! Both Alison and I treasure our families and having everyone together fills our hearts to no end.  Now that most of our children our away at college, it is an even greater blessing when we come together.  The preparation is as fun as the actual day, knowing it will culminate with a very special gathering. Having homes filled with young men brings us even greater joy as we nourish them with their favorite home cooking and traditional fare.  Boy can they eat!! Thanksgiving is a day filled with football, eating, conversations, connections and reflection.  It is what is meaningful to us and it is one of the pillars of our business.  Cutlery Couture is an extension of who we are and what we stand for.  We are humbled by our success and know the future continues to shine bright.  It is with a stream of emotion that we say thank to everyone who has helped us on this journey.  

All our best,

Petra & Alison

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