Ideas for Fun Table Decorations

There are many occasions such as birthdays, holidays and anniversaries that call for fun table decorations. These types of events are the perfect time to incorporate unique decor elements that will have your guests talking.

Hand painted stemware, themed centerpieces, unconventional table coverings, and eye-catching place settings make for fun table decorations and can set any mood.  However, if you really want to make a statement, do a little research ahead of time.  Use magazines or visit websites such as Pinterest.  One dedicated hour of planning can turn your table into a photo-ready masterpiece!

Fun table decorations don’t need to be expensive. An animal-loving child will be so excited to show off their favorite interest at their birthday party. Plastic zoo animals can be positioned to march down the center of the table, while animal masks can be placed at each child’s place setting.  Add a little face paint and watch their delight unfold.

Another fun idea for any sports-oriented event is to take a rectangle tile, preferably 12" long by 4" wide, top it with a piece of grass sod, and place one or several balls down the middle.  We made this for our baseball players and they thought it was the greatest idea!


Of course, we think that no table setting is complete without one last finishing touch ..... silverware pouches.  Our many designs and styles will compliment any special event or occasion, and give your table the fun-loving look you desire.  Be sure to check out our beach inspired collection, Ocean City Coastal, it will be sure to conjure up summertime fun!

Hope you are enjoying 2014!

Petra & Alison

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