Elegant Table Settings can be as easy as including this One Item

Ideas for elegant table settings abound on the internet, in home décor magazines & books, boutiques, blogs, and department stores. If you are planning an upscale event or intimate get-together, or gathering where you want to make a statement, borrowing ideas for your own table setting from these sources can be an excellent idea.

As a host or hostess, we tend to put a lot of thought into our interior decorating, food selections and house cleaning before a party or gathering. Ignoring, or not putting much thought into how our table is decorated would be shameful given the amount of attention with regards to preparation we give the rest of the house.

Elegant table settings don’t necessarily require a lot of your time, money or resources to stand out and make a statement. A little bit of creativity can go a long way in designing a classy looking table. Preparing a few days in advance can help you in deciding what you want to include on your table and keep the stress level at a minimum. All you need is a pencil and a piece of paper; drawing skills are not required!

Will you be entertaining outside on a patio or lawn, or inside in a dining room or kitchen? Obviously these are simple questions, but picking a theme for your table decorations may help you decide on a such things as color selection, centerpiece(s), dinnerware, flatware, tablecloth, placemats, and glassware.

Elegant table settings don’t necessarily require getting out your best china. For instance, mixing different patterns of dinnerware can create an eclectic vibe to your table. Add fresh flower petals throughout the center of the table, as well as candles in attractive candle holders of different heights, and suddenly you’ve taken your table décor to a whole new level! Include a Cutlery Couture silverware pouch at each place setting as an easy and attractive way to round out the look of your presentation. Silverware pouches provide an unexpected look that is both sophisticated and appealing for any occasion.

The right napkin choice can also add a touch of class to any place setting. Especially if your napkin is peaking out from the Message Maker burlap silverware pouch placed on your guest’s plate, welcoming them to your home. You can make your own message on the little inserts that slip inside the name plates that adorn these pouches.

We know there are times when you may be planning a special occasion outside your home. The planning of baby showers, engagement dinners or surprise birthday parties can be made extra special, and a little bit easier with silverware pouches. The many boutique designs provided by Cutlery Couture insure that your table setting will not only look elegant, but simple for you to include. Your guest's silverware and napkin can be included in a pouch, placed on a plate, or in a basket if you are having a buffet, and you’re finished!

The most important part of making your table look elegant is to insert your personal style, have fun with it, and create a welcoming setting for your guests. A memorable event will almost always be attributed to the guests that you invite, the conversation that is made, and the atmosphere you create. Let Cutlery Couture silverware pouches help you create a true fashion statement!

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