8 Creative Mother's Day Celebration Ideas

8 Creative Mother's Day Celebration Ideas

Mother’s Day is a special occasion that deserves an extra-special celebration. This year, skip the standard brunch and plan a fun activity for you, your mom, or the "Mom" in your life to enjoy time together.

Whether you have the whole day or just an afternoon, here are 8 creative ways to make Mother’s Day one to remember.

1. Take a cooking class.
Find a local class and learn how to cook something new - maybe it’s pasta from scratch or a delicious dessert. You can also try something more involved like sushi-making or macaron baking. No matter what you choose, it will be a unique way for you and your mom to bond over something new that you both can learn together.

2. Go on a nature walk.
Everyone loves getting outside and breathing in some fresh air! Get those endorphins going with a short hike or walk around your local park or trail. You can make it even more special by bringing along a picnic for you to enjoy together.

3. Get Crafty.
If you’re feeling creative, why not make something special for Mom? You can paint her favorite nature scene or a personalized calligraphy wall art that expresses what she means to you. If your mom is tech-savvy, how about a custom website or coding lesson so she can brush up on her skills - either way, what a unique way to be together.

4. Schedule an adventure.
Make the most of your time with Mom by going somewhere new. Whether it's a nearby city or a small town off the beaten path, explore together and take in all the sights and sounds - plus any unique restaurants or shops that are must-sees! Take lots of photos along the way to commemorate your day.

5. Throw a virtual party.
If you can't be together in person, no problem! Use your Mother’s Day celebration as an opportunity to get the family together virtually. Set up a video call and have everyone dress up in their favorite outfits - or even coordinate themed attire, like retro or beachwear. Play some games, do some karaoke, and make sure you finish with a group toast to Mom.

6. Create a photo album.
Photos are one of the most meaningful gifts that moms treasure forever. Put together a small photo album for her with all of your favorite images from over the years - she'll love taking a trip down memory lane! You could also make it extra special by including an accompanying letter expressing how much you appreciate her.

7. Go on a shopping spree.
Shopping with Mom can be lots of fun - especially when it's just the two of you! Take her to the mall or some other stores nearby and pick out something she'll love. Spend quality time together browsing around and finding things that remind you both of great memories. 

8. Go on an art-filled date.
Take your Mother's Day celebration up a notch by heading to a museum or art gallery near you. Spend time together admiring the artwork - or enroll in an interactive exhibit or workshop! If you're feeling creative, why not find a painting class where you can learn how to paint a masterpiece? No matter what it is, it will be sure to leave lasting memories.

So many fun options, that it may be hard to choose so hoping one really resonates and this year's Mother's Day celebration is as unique as she is.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Petra & Alison




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