Valentine's entertaining ideas to celebrate love in all its forms

Valentine's entertaining ideas to celebrate love in all its forms

Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner for two, a fun night with the girls, or a larger kid-friendly gathering, we have some great ideas to help make your Valentine’s Day celebration extra special this year. 

Romantic Dinner for Two. If you are looking for a romantic evening for two, why not plan a special dinner from the comfort of your home? Start planning your favorite meal ....maybe something simple like a heart-shaped pizza or charcuterie board. One of our favorite resources for everything yummy is Love and Lemons.  You will find the most scrumptious, healthy recipes and Jeanine's Valentine's Menu will be a sure-fire winner!

Make sure to include a beautiful table setting with flowers, candles, and other romantic touches, and if cooking isn't your thing, order takeout from your favorite restaurant - just be sure to ask if they offer delivery on Valentine’s Day!

Movie Night with the Girls. Get together with your gal pals and have a fun movie night. Make some popcorn, choose silly comedies (or chick flicks), and enjoy quality girl time! Add an element of surprise by making valentines treat bags filled with chocolates, trinkets, and other goodies - it will make for an even more special night!

Party with Friends, Family & Kids.  Create an evening of sharing stories, playing games, and enjoying Valentine's Day-themed goodies. Prepare light snacks or finger foods such as:

  • Cupcake or cookie decorating
  • DIY hot chocolate bar with candy hearts and lots of whipped cream
  • Chocolate fondue with fruits, pretzel rods, and marshmallows

Add some fun games and activities. 

  • Temporary tattoo parlor
  • Cupid's arrow toss game
  • Musical Hearts (just like musical chairs)

Ask everyone to bring one of their best memories involving love - it could be funny or serious - it doesn't matter as long as it comes from the heart! What better way to get everyone into the spirit than by adding music and dancing? Create a playlist filled with upbeat music that will get everyone up on their feet dancing - then sit back and watch as everyone enjoys themselves! You could add in some karaoke or even have a dance competition - just make sure that everyone has plenty of room to move around!

Whether you're planning a cozy dinner for two or an evening with neighborhood friends, there are lots of ways to make this Valentine's Day extra special.  So grab those chocolates, pick out those movies (or songs!), and get ready to celebrate love in all its forms.

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