Introducing Spring 2020

Introducing Spring 2020

April showers really do turn into May flowers, and hope really does spring eternal! Our newly-arrived Spring and Summer designs are sure to add some of the season’s simplest pleasures to your table. We love our 2020 designs and know you will too!

Our Hydrangea patches look beautiful paired with our navy bow pouches, bringing our favorite summertime blooms to the table. Who doesn’t love hydrangeas from the mistiest verdant green to the lush lavenders and deep royals of a South of France landscape? Picture them on your table, with flowers cut fresh from your garden!

If your summer usually includes some beach, bay or lake time, then consider yourself lucky. We have some great designs this season—our Navy Compass Rose—is ready to set sail, and perfect for a seaside picnic.  Mix these with red, white and blue accents for seasonal and patriotic celebrations!

This Summer, we love the vintage grays of driftwood and the deep Atlantic—we use this color to maximize a salty-chic vibe with our brand new “Beach” and “Welcome” pouches, and adore how they look with our cream ribbon pouches and our beautiful new gray coin lace napkins. Even if you are not by the sea, you can pretend, right?  Serve some scampi, a Sonoma Chardonnay and maybe a little Sinatra….

We also have added a new seashell pouch this season, a classic Conch in a warm and welcoming denim blue shade, dress it up or dress it down. We especially like it with our stripy summer napkins, ready to wipe watermelon juice off of a chin! Bon Appetit!

Finally this month, we are loving our love bird design, and it’s message “Celebrate Together-“ simple and sweet.  At Cutlery Couture that is our favorite phrase, our mantra, even our reason for being. And we cannot wait to do just that—to gather the people we love most, serve a great meal and toast to all of the birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, we have postponed and celebrate together! The possibilities are endless, the sentiments so very dear and the desire to be together is sustaining and true. We know that soon our flocks will be reunited, our families will join hands, and we will be forever grateful for the bounty of those we love most, never to take for granted the very best thing in life. As always, we will be honored to be at your table.

Until then, serve every meal with love, and set every table with care.  Stay well, friends.


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