Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Motherhood: All love begins and ends there

-Robert Browning

We are longing for the days when we could say or hear “Love you, Mom!” surrounded by our families; enjoying breakfast in bed in our pajamas or during a sophisticated al fresco brunch. On May 10, many of us will celebrate this day at a social distance or via social media and although it won’t be the same, as we are learning, it can still be special! 

At Cutlery Couture, we believe the best part of Mother’s Day has always been the homemade cards and scrambled eggs brought to us in bed accompanied by flowers picked from our own gardens.  While being quarantined can distance some of these things, mothers everywhere know it truly is the thought that counts!

Let’s all do our best to celebrate our mothers and get a little more creative this year — maybe leave a beautiful basket of goodies on her front porch complete with homemade cards and a pretty place setting. If brunch is family members on Zoom, why not coordinate beautifully set tables as well as favorite brunch items? Even better why not honor the spirit of the day and reach out to others, like older folks in your family or neighborhood who are truly alone during this difficult time. A bloom or two in a cutlery pouch with a hand written note left on a front step or in a mailbox can brighten anyone’s day! 

In fact, Mother’s Day is the perfect holiday to connect with elderly folks who feel socially isolated—nearly 30 percent of elderly people live alone, and now with social distancing, are more isolated than ever. We are inspired by and want to share the good work of one woman we know, Benita Cooper, an architect, entrepreneur, and mother of two who in 2006, established a deep friendship with her amazing grandmother and was inspired by the stories of her long and interesting life. To honor her grandmother, Benita founded “The Best Day of My Life So Far”, a nonprofit that reduces older adult isolation and promotes intergenerational engagement through storytelling. Visit and learn how you can engage an older person, hear about her life and capture her voice. What a great way to reach out to someone all while staying six feet apart. Maybe your mother, grandmother, aunt, teacher, friend or neighbor will benefit from this small kindness. Remember, it is the thought that counts!



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