LOVE in the Time of Quarantine | No Reservations Needed!

LOVE in the Time of Quarantine | No Reservations Needed!

It’s funny, for many years on Valentine’s Day, we preferred to stay home and be cozy rather than brave the crowds and the cold. But this year, we really miss the chance—white tablecloths, flowers, great wine—'a toast to you, a toast to me, a toast to us!’ And of course, being served—and not cooking—a special meal. We miss the special but we don’t have too!

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, and it is well worth celebrating any time over the weekend. We have some ideas how to make the most of the holiday, because as the Fab Four say “All you need is love!”

First, and this is an important step so don’t skip it, if your house is full of lots of people like your children, and your table is currently a We Work space, carve out a time and place for a romantic meal for two. It doesn’t have to be the table or even downstairs. This year, Valentine’s Day can be a picnic on the floor of the neatest room in your house or it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner in bed.

The important thing is, create a special place. A picnic blanket, a small table for two, or a bed tray. Add fresh flowers and beautiful linens. Polish the silver, and pouch your flatware with hearts or ribbons, tuck in a love letter. Reach up in the high cabinet for the crystal and the good china. No better day than this one. We will be listening to Sinatra, and those warm romantic Summer Winds. What song speaks to you?

What to serve?

Why not get take out from your favorite special occasion restaurant—this year, that is truly spreading the love! Order something that is difficult or you don’t normally cook at home.

If it is breakfast in bed—try an of course, easy to prep omelet-for-two- filled with crabmeat, brie and shallots—serve with champagne! Or maybe cook dinner together—a stove top risotto is nice—a glass of wine for the rice and plenty left for you and your significant other. Why not lobster or oysters or whatever feels especially indulgent? Light a few candles and don’t skip dessert!

This Valentine’s Day, we are reminded that it is truly the little things in life that matter most. Taking the time to let someone know that he or she is the bee’s knees, the lid to your pot, your one and only, your dream come true or your partner in crime is time well spent. Together is a beautiful place to be.

A few fun ideas for Valentine’s Day fare, 
just add wine, candlelight and some Cutlery Couture. Swoon!

Williams Sonoma—seriously good croissants for breakfast in bed, and lots of sweet treats for your sweetheart!

Harry & David—not just for delivering pears! Great dinner for two options, including chateaubriand.

Barnegat Oyster Collective—because oysters are an aphrodisiac!

Get Maine Lobster—might be a little messy for dinner-in-bed!

Milk Bar—you had me at “cake truffles.”

Jan 30, 2021

These are wonderful ideas. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday and it is not just a day for romantic love. Show your love to everyone important in your life. Even a smile can brighten someone’s day. I have already started decorating my Valentine table!

Karen Goode

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