Welcome 2021, what took you so long?

Welcome 2021, what took you so long?

Welcome 2021, what took you so long?

Even though—so far—it may seem like January is the thirteenth month of 2020, we at Cutlery Couture know that as sure as Spring arrives each year, so will better days. Since last March, we, like all of you, have had to adjust to some pretty intense new normals; our dining room tables turned into school desks and work stations; making room in our empty nests for our returning fledglings, lessening anxiety about the future through Zoom exercise and lots of home-baked bread. Namaste and Bon Appetit!

If there is any silver lining at all, while other things have been put on hold, family has reemerged as our most precious commodity. Being together, keeping our loved ones well and safe—and fed—has brought with it challenges but also joy. Eating dinner together is the highlight of the day, might as well make the most of it.

A few years ago, author and motivational speaker Rachel Hollis wrote a best seller: Girl, Wash Your Face- a road map for facing life’s challenges with grace and resolve. Ten months after COVID changed prospects and perspective, we respectfully borrow from her:

Girl, set your table.

Never before has it been so important to take life's lemons and make lemonade—and serve it over ice, in your best crystal cup, perhaps with your favorite spirit. We will get through this, but while we are in the process, let’s make it as joyful as we can, celebrate the small stuff and make the ordinary as special as possible. Clear the laptops and the paper piles and share a meal—put the pizza on the good china, add fresh flowers and open the wine you were saving for a special occasion. Celebrate each other, and any milestone; wrap a pouch around your flatware or add a “good job” message to each place setting. Today is truly a special day, and tomorrow is already a better one!

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