Sea Change | Coral Vita

Sea Change | Coral Vita

Growing up, Gregory Pelose, the son of one of our owners Alison, spent as much time as he could in the ocean; swimming, paddling, surfing, diving, fishing—he was happiest on the water. A born scientist, his boyhood bedroom was stacked with aquariums and tanks of local reptiles and fish. No one was surprised that he chose to study marine science, and in 2020, he earned degrees in marine science and environmental science at Boston University. As the saying goes, you will never work a day in your life if you do what you love. Gregory loves the ocean.

In 2021, Gregory left Boston for the Bahamas, and a job at an environmental start-up called Coral Vita, joining a team of dedicated scientists working to protect the world’s coral reefs. Vital to the survival of our coastlines, oceans and commercial fisheries, coral reefs are greatly damaged by climate change, rising sea levels and pollution and are at risk all over the world. More than half of all coral reefs have been destroyed. Scientists at Coral Vita are looking for ways to preserve and restore coral, and their work is very promising. You can read about what they do and how they do it, and maybe even “adopt a coral” on their website

At Cutlery Couture, we are inspired by Gregory’s passion and optimism and very pleased to dedicate our “Give Back” to Coral Vita in honor of June's ocean month. We hope that all of our followers will take a moment to check out Coral Vita and join us to do what we can to help save coral reefs—not just because they are beautiful, but because they are necessary.


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