Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! We set aside the second Sunday of May to honor and celebrate our mothers and all the women in our lives who mother us, and who, in their wisdom, wit, courage and compassion lead us by example to our better selves.

This month, we honor one very special mother; Petra Rowland’s mom, Hildegard Schubert. Although she is no longer with us, her legacy remains strong, the life lessons she imparted more important than ever.

Hildegard was born in Munich, Germany in 1940, her childhood ravaged by a world war and as a result pockmarked by fear and poverty. But her spirit remained very much intact. She came to the US in 1964, with optimism; ready to build a life and a family. She raised her two daughters to be resilient and have grateful hearts. Hildegard understood the value of simple pleasures, from her morning cup of coffee to the beauty of her backyard garden. She never took these things for granted.

As a newcomer to the United States, Hildegard was often in awe of the ‘land of plenty.” The bounty of food was almost incomprehensible to her; a simple dinner meal for one seemed like enough food to feed a family. When she worked in New York City, she would carefully wrap up leftovers from office gatherings and distribute these packages to those in need on her evening commute home. Throwing away food was unimaginable and she made sure it made it to those who were hungry.

In the United States each year, more than 80 billion pounds of food—nearly 40 percent of what is produced, is thrown away. Food waste is cause for dismay, but the many efforts in our communities to change this and help those in need is a cause for hope. All over the country, organizations are finding ways to repurpose food and reduce waste—and we know that Hildegard would be pleased.

This month, Cutlery Couture will donate to the Mattie Dixon Community Cupboard in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. A local foodbank that was literally next door to where Hildegard lived, Mattie Dixon provides groceries, holiday meals, clothing and employment support throughout the area. With COVID 19, their mission has never been more needed, their work never more important. You can learn more about Mattie Dixon by visiting or find a local food bank near you. To learn more about fighting food waste and eliminating hunger, visit

This Mother’s Day, honor all the women who made sure we were fed and nurtured by learning about food waste and donating to feed others. Hildegard would say “Danke Schon.” Cutlery Couture will too.

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