Thanksgiving/ Small Business Saturday

Thanksgiving/ Small Business Saturday

Before the last piece of pumpkin pie is eaten and the good china is put away, the holiday shopping rush will be upon us! (It’s a good thing we had all of those carbs!) The holy trilogy of Holiday shopping—Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday—kicks off while many of us are still digesting our Thanksgiving dinner.  At Cutlery Couture we will be ready with unique and creative ideas for your own holiday table and hostess-giving. But while we are still in a Thanksgiving frame of mind, a holiday that deserves its full 24 hours of recognition, we want to share what we are most grateful for.

We are very grateful for our wonderful families. Between us, we have five fabulous sons who are out in the world making a difference and making us proud. We love that they are home for Thanksgiving, making a lot of noise and even more mess!  The boys are back in town!

We are so blessed to have each other! We, Petra and Allison, were the closest of friends in college and stayed that way. Working together in a business where we get to do something we love is just such a bonus in life. Bringing different strengths to the table, we share a common commitment to quality and a love for table top decorating—and tables in general! As we have built our business, we have had so many opportunities to share good food and good conversation while getting to know our customers. Double bonus!

And we are so thankful for the small businesses who have embraced our line of cutlery pouches and table décor. Our products are carried in fabulous boutiques from sea to shining sea and when we visit, we are proud mamas to see how well our pouches mix and mingle with so much beautiful tableware. We are always inspired!

From small villages to big cities to resort towns, we have found kindred spirits who love and value pretty things and know intrinsically that people love to come together and share a moment and a meal. We are proud to be in stock at over 300 boutiques from Humble, Texas to the Big Apple, New York, New York and so many places in between and beyond. This holiday season, take a look at our list of retailers and if one of them is near you—stop in on Small Business Saturday or any day—it will remind you that finding the perfect gift can be fun!

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