You Say You Want a Resolution?

You Say You Want a Resolution?

We hope you rang in the new decade with friends and loved ones, and that you are refreshed and ready for the challenges that lay ahead. Like many folks, you may be determined to stick to a resolution, be it to lose ten pounds, get back to running, call your mother more often or clean out a closet. Whatever it is, we wish you luck! Nothing like a blank calendar and a clean slate!

This January, we want to suggest an easy resolution; one that takes almost no effort at all but has big and lasting consequences.  At Cutlery Couture, we love to entertain, to invite people over to share a meal and make a memory—that is what inspires us. And we believe that who is around the table is much more important that what is on the table, and that inspires us too. Research out of the UK last year shows that loneliness and isolation are as dangerous to our health as smoking and obesity, and it is cda growing problem, impairing the health and well-being of many, especially elderly people. An active social life can add years to a life. So this year, why not resolve to throw a party, host a dinner or a brunch, a potluck, a book club, a block party and invite someone new? Between now and July 4th there are more than a dozen holidays to celebrate, including:

Winnie the Pooh Day (Jan.18); Martin Luther King Day (Jan. 20); Superbowl Sunday and Groundhog’s Day (Feb. 2); National Choccpstick Day (Feb. 6); Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) President’s Day (Feb. 17); National Chili Day (Feb. 28); Peanut Butter Lovers Day (Mar.1); St. Patrick’s Day (Mar. 17); April Fools Day (Apr.1); Passover (starts Apr. 9); Easter (Apr. 13); Earth Day (Apr.15); Administrative Professionals Day (Apr. 22); Nurses Day (May 6); National Day of Prayer (May 7); Mother’s Day (May 10); Armed Forces Day (May 16); National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (June 7); Flag Day (June 14);  Eat Your Vegetables Day (June 17); Juneteenth (June 19), Father’s Day (June 21).

Did you know that January is National Hot Soup Month---we are all in for that-BYOB (bring your own broth!)! And May is both National Salad Month and Gifts from the Garden Month—we see a theme emerging here!

This is just six months of potential celebrations, there really is something for everyone and endless reasons to get together and raise a glass!

You pick the day, and send that extra invitation. We’ve got the place settings covered!

Happy New Year!

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I’m doing a baby boy shower for my daughter. The theme is baby safari. Looking for something with maybe a leaf . Any suggestions!
Thank you,

Darlene Manning

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