Toys for Tots - Our 10th Month of Giving

Toys for Tots - Our 10th Month of Giving

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! May all your holidays be bright and full of cheer! May your 2023 be peaceful and prosperous, healthy and hopeful!

In 2022 we celebrated ten years of snazzing up tables and buffets with our unique silverware pouches, adding a little sugar and spice to simple and celebratory tablescapes. We said “thank you” this year for ten years with ten months of giving back—supporting local and national charities that have helped the environment, veterans, the elderly, community pantries as well as supporting the citizens of Ukraine and women with breast cancer. We close out the year with a gift to the Marine Corps reserves Toys for Tots and guess what? They have a big anniversary too!

This year Toys for Tots celebrates 75 years of delivering Christmas joys and wrapped-up toys to children in communities all over the country. In 1947, an executive at Warner Brothers Studio in Hollywood tried to donate some handcrafted dolls from his wife and could not find an organization that donated toys. His wife suggested he start one! So he did, and his friend Walt Disney designed the first poster for “Toys for Tots.” Since then, Toys for Tots has delivered gifts to more than 281 million kids—and at least seven million more this year! What an amazing accomplishment! When you combine a good idea with good will, miracles happen!

That is what this season is all about! Why not visit and make it seven million and one!

Thank you for 10 great years! We wish you and yours a beautiful holiday season with light and love!

Petra & Alison





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