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    Our Atlanta High January 15, 2014 21:21

    Alison and I just returned from America's Mart in Atlanta.  It was our first trip and one we will truly never forget. Launching our business and then having a full year under our belt has provided us with new & wonderful opportunities.  We thought going to the retail market in Atlanta would give us a taste of the future and inspire us to take our next steps.  What we experienced was amazing retailers, new & exciting products, innovative entrepreneurs and endless creativity. Needless to say we came home with the energy to embrace the year ahead, .... which will challenge us to new heights.  

    We look forward to sharing our experiences.


    Ideas for Fun Table Decorations January 11, 2014 17:08

    There are many occasions such as birthdays, holidays and anniversaries that call for fun table decorations. These types of events are the perfect time to incorporate unique decor elements that will have your guests talking.

    Hand painted stemware, themed centerpieces, unconventional table coverings, and eye-catching place settings make for fun table decorations and can set any mood.  However, if you really want to make a statement, do a little research ahead of time.  Use magazines or visit websites such as Pinterest.  One dedicated hour of planning can turn your table into a photo-ready masterpiece!

    Fun table decorations don’t need to be expensive. An animal-loving child will be so excited to show off their favorite interest at their birthday party. Plastic zoo animals can be positioned to march down the center of the table, while animal masks can be placed at each child’s place setting.  Add a little face paint and watch their delight unfold.

    Another fun idea for any sports-oriented event is to take a rectangle tile, preferably 12" long by 4" wide, top it with a piece of grass sod, and place one or several balls down the middle.  We made this for our baseball players and they thought it was the greatest idea!


    Of course, we think that no table setting is complete without one last finishing touch ..... silverware pouches.  Our many designs and styles will compliment any special event or occasion, and give your table the fun-loving look you desire.  Be sure to check out our beach inspired collection, Ocean City Coastal, it will be sure to conjure up summertime fun!

    Hope you are enjoying 2014!

    Petra & Alison

    Elegant Table Settings can be as easy as including this One Item October 1, 2013 16:07

    Ideas for elegant table settings abound on the internet, in home décor magazines & books, boutiques, blogs, and department stores. If you are planning an upscale event or intimate get-together, or gathering where you want to make a statement, borrowing ideas for your own table setting from these sources can be an excellent idea.

    As a host or hostess, we tend to put a lot of thought into our interior decorating, food selections and house cleaning before a party or gathering. Ignoring, or not putting much thought into how our table is decorated would be shameful given the amount of attention with regards to preparation we give the rest of the house.

    Elegant table settings don’t necessarily require a lot of your time, money or resources to stand out and make a statement. A little bit of creativity can go a long way in designing a classy looking table. Preparing a few days in advance can help you in deciding what you want to include on your table and keep the stress level at a minimum. All you need is a pencil and a piece of paper; drawing skills are not required!

    Will you be entertaining outside on a patio or lawn, or inside in a dining room or kitchen? Obviously these are simple questions, but picking a theme for your table decorations may help you decide on a such things as color selection, centerpiece(s), dinnerware, flatware, tablecloth, placemats, and glassware.

    Elegant table settings don’t necessarily require getting out your best china. For instance, mixing different patterns of dinnerware can create an eclectic vibe to your table. Add fresh flower petals throughout the center of the table, as well as candles in attractive candle holders of different heights, and suddenly you’ve taken your table décor to a whole new level! Include a Cutlery Couture silverware pouch at each place setting as an easy and attractive way to round out the look of your presentation. Silverware pouches provide an unexpected look that is both sophisticated and appealing for any occasion.

    The right napkin choice can also add a touch of class to any place setting. Especially if your napkin is peaking out from the Message Maker burlap silverware pouch placed on your guest’s plate, welcoming them to your home. You can make your own message on the little inserts that slip inside the name plates that adorn these pouches.

    We know there are times when you may be planning a special occasion outside your home. The planning of baby showers, engagement dinners or surprise birthday parties can be made extra special, and a little bit easier with silverware pouches. The many boutique designs provided by Cutlery Couture insure that your table setting will not only look elegant, but simple for you to include. Your guest's silverware and napkin can be included in a pouch, placed on a plate, or in a basket if you are having a buffet, and you’re finished!

    The most important part of making your table look elegant is to insert your personal style, have fun with it, and create a welcoming setting for your guests. A memorable event will almost always be attributed to the guests that you invite, the conversation that is made, and the atmosphere you create. Let Cutlery Couture silverware pouches help you create a true fashion statement!

    How to Use Simple Table Decorations That Your Guests Will Love August 10, 2013 18:05

    Set the Mood with Simple Table Decorations

    Whether it's a wedding reception or a small birthday party, simple table decorations can bring a certain mood to your event. It's not always about the money you spend or how expensive the decorations are, but how creatively you've decorated your table. Often it's not required to spend a lot of money to make your table decor stand out.

    Getting inspiration for designing your table can come from an internet website like Pinterest, or from craft stores or magazines and will depend on the size of the event as well as the mood of the occasion. Often it’s wise to plan out your simple table decorations on a piece of paper by listing all the items that should be included on the table. These may include any table settings, crafts, confetti, candles, and objects from nature, or decorative items that may already be available in your home.

    Don't Overlook Table Coverings

    An often overlooked aspect of simple table decorations is table coverings. For casual occasions, wrapping paper or vibrant colored plastic tablecloths usually suffice. Even inexpensive bed quilts can be used. Elegant linen tablecloths are usually reserved for more formal occasions. These can be layered with complimentary colors, or opposing colors such as black and white.

    Centerpieces Can Steal the Show

    Special attention should be given to the centerpieces since they are one of the most important features of a well-decorated table. They shouldn’t be so overwhelming that guests have a hard time talking to each other across the table. The centerpiece arrangement should be dictated by the occasion. A formal event such as a wedding may not warrant bold colors, but rather subdued colors such as whites, creams, pinks or peaches. Making your own centerpiece can be less expensive and can show off your flower arranging talent if you are one to take on such a task. You can choose flowers from your own garden or buy them from a local florist. If you have many tables to decorate such as with a wedding reception, alternating high and low centerpieces throughout the room is more pleasing to the eye. Sometimes positioning your centerpiece on a mirror adds another dimension to the table decor. You can also add loose "gems", "pearl" strands or other items on the mirror, circling your centerpiece.

    Silverware Pouches Add a Special Touch

    One of the simplest things that add a touch of elegance and class to an event are beautifully designed silverware pouches by Cutlery Couture. They can include a beautifully folded napkin, a fork, knife, and spoon or a variation of those items. Often people ignore an accessory like this, but a well-designed silverware pouch can greatly enhance the look of any table. You may have an apprehension that the use of silverware pouches may be too formal for your simple table decorations but they are generally appropriate for all kinds of events. For instance, they can be used at informal dinner parties, family picnics or barbecues. The Summer Brights silverware pouches are great for such occasions. For special celebrations like weddings, baby showers, birthdays, or more formal dinner parties that demand great table décor; you might consider the Wedding Whites silverware pockets. These are just two of the Collections Cutlery Couture offers.

    To see all Cutlery Couture's silverware pockets Collections, visit CutleryCouture.com and make your next event one to remember!

    Summer Entertaining July 19, 2013 13:27

    As you can imagine, summer is one of our busiest times of year.  Outdoor entertaining sparks a lot of interest. We had so much fun designing our summer styles, and are excited that they've been well received.  Part of the fun is also finding unique vessels to hold our pouches.  Some of our flea market finds have been wood cheese boxes and this antique lunch box.  How cute is this?  Use your imagination as you look around.  There are so many everyday items that would work great as a pouch holder.  Enjoy!!



    Happy Easter - Mix & Match March 25, 2013 23:08

    Here's a fun idea from a wonderful customer in New Jersey.  Mix and match your favorite pouches.  Jen included our Message Maker design to wish her guests a Happy Easter.  The celebration came a bit early in their home....all the relatives were headed out for vacation!  Jen, thanks for sharing.


    Cutlery Couture at The Philadelphia Flower Show February 15, 2013 18:51

    We are so excited to be a part of the Philadelphia Flower Show, running from March 1st - 10th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  This is a big step for us and we have been working feverishly over the past several weeks to get ready. 

    Come visit us at Booth 804 where we will unveil our new Spring/Summer Collection, which includes Simply Neutral, Nautical, Seaside Dunes, Spring Meadow and Casual Citrus.  Hope to see you there!

    Happy New Year! January 1, 2013 13:39


    We want to wish you a wonderful 2013 filled with health, happiness and an unending stream of beautiful memories.  Thank you to all of our wonderful customers and supporters.  You have made the last few months a true joy.  We look forward to launching our new Spring/Summer product line and keeping in touch.  Hope to see you all again soon!


    Petra & Alison

    Fellowship Hall Conshohocken, PA December 15, 2012 20:16

    Enjoyed a great day at Fellowship Hall in Conshohocken today.  A big thank you to Chrissy and Nicole for organizing a fun community event.  Our new Fleur de Lis  design was a great addition to our collection.  Customers just loved them!  We continue to meet wonderful business owners as we maneuver our way through the "Crafters Circuit".  It's one of our favorite parts of the job.  We look forward to working on our new designs over the next several weeks and hope to have some fresh pieces on the web in early January.

    We did it! We are finally live! November 11, 2012 19:36

    This is a really exciting day, or should I say night.  We have been together for 10 straight hours as we made ourselves a promise that this would be the day to set our website free.  Needless to say we have been working really hard and are super proud of our new website.  Please follow us on Twitter at @cutlerycouture or visit our new Pinterest account at www.pinterest.com/cutlerycouture.  We look forward to sharing great ideas so you can integrate Cutlery Couture into your everyday entertaining.



    Halloween Party November 10, 2012 09:30

    Thank you Buck family for sharing your Halloween buffet photo.  An orange napkin works perfectly with the metal flower design.  We hope the tricks were plentiful and the treats were delicious!  


    Haddonfield, NJ Fall Festival November 10, 2012 09:27

    You can't imagine how much fun we had bringing Cutlery Couture to beautiful Kings Highway in Haddonfield, NJ at their Fall Festival on October 13th 2012.  We got to speak with so many amazing people about how to include Cutlery Couture into their entertaining settings; both for the budding entertainer or for one who has been bringing parties to life for years.  Cutlery pouches continue to be a great hostess gift and packing it in one of our unique gifts bags, seems to be a special touch our customers love.   We thank Haddonfield and the neighboring communities for their support, and look forward to continuing our momentum.